What Equipment do I need for 15 to Fit Method™ Innovative Reformer courses?

  • You just need a reformer. For example you can use a standard size reformer and a short box for the Lunge series.
  • The Method is maximized if it is possible to have a platform such as add a platform for the Allegro 2 or the added platform for Stott reformers.
  • It’s also preferable if you can get the footbar out of the way for the platform addition.
  • There are many brands of Pilates Reformers that fit this description. It doesn’t have to be a Balanced Body reformer.
  • To maximize use for loops the F.I.T. kits added to a Tower make all of the variations in the 15 to Fit Method™ possible. However, many of these variations can be performed with the lower set risers.

What Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are available?

  • Innovative Reformer I - Course #26952-4928 - Earns 14 NPCP CECs
  • Innovative Reformer II - Course # 26952-4937 - Earns 15 NPCP CECs