The 15toFit Method is rather genius in my opinion. The emphasis on energy, strength, and mobility in 15 minute segments is brilliant. The method emphasizes three-dimensional and multiplanar movements and pushes me to work hard and I feel great at the end. AND we have fun!

Wes Waggener, PhD, CSCS, NCPT

15 to Fit has changed my life! I’ve never committed to anything as long as this, not even my ex-husband. I’ve lost 85 pounds and kept it off for over 2 years. I do 15 to Fit Method Pilates 4x per week. I am so much stronger than I have been in decades! I’ve improved so much that I was even able to get up wake surfing, which I’ve never done before and I’m 50. Try it for yourself. You’ll love the results.

Jessica B.

I get so much more out of doing 15 to Fit Method. I feel much stronger and can see more muscle definition. I’ve noticed it in activities like putting away the jet skis and the boat, I have more strength to pull and push them into place. I LOVE IT! It’s super fun and it’s had a great effect on my mental health. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m finished with my session and an endorphin rush.

Suzanne V.


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Number of Lessons: 16  Difficulty: None

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Number of Lessons: 34  Difficulty: None

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Number of Lessons: 43  Difficulty: None