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Multiplanar Movements on the Reformer

October 20th 2022

2:00 PM Pacific Time


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"15 to Fit Method - Energy - Tone - Mobility"

About the 15 to Fit Method ™

The 15 to Fit Method ™ was developed by founder Patrea Aeschliman from over 35 years of experience practicing and teaching in Strength and Conditioning, Pilates, Garuda Method, Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Gymnastics conditioning and Qi Gong.

Stephanie Loveira is a Contributing Developer of 15 to Fit Method ™ using techniques and wisdom acquired from her 35 years in professional dance and Pilates.

The 15 to Fit Method ™differs from traditional Pilates in the following ways:The majority of the Method consists of Multiplanar movements

Involves more spinal extension and articulation

Helps to release hip flexors as you strengthen abdominals

Involves more rotational movement of the spine

You don’t have to dismiss everything you’ve learned teaching Pilates to learn the 15 to Fit Method™. While you are learning the new series and exercises you can add it to the repertoire and series you already know from Pilates. That is the beauty of using Pilates reformers that you already own. Initially you may teach 40 minutes of reformer work that you are comfortable with and 10 minutes of the new material. Eventually as you learn the method you can weave it into classes and client sessions. You grow to teach 40 minutes of multiplanar movements and 10 minutes of standard reformer work.

This is how we incorporated it at the 15 to Fit studios during the pandemic. Our clients definitely wanted to do movements that they were used to and had confidence in, then we gradually increased the amount of multiplanar movements in our workouts. Now, oftentimes, they do almost the entire session doing Multiplanar movements but they don’t really know it. It just becomes what they know how to do.

Hi, I'm Patrea Aeschliman

I'm the President and Founder of the 15 to Fit Method™. I have over 35 years of experience in the health and fitness field. I've trained athletes in the NBA, NFL and Indianapolis 500 Champion Eddie Cheever and even an entire Championship football team. I developed the 15 to Fit Method to help more people gain access to the amazing benefits of this innovative rotational, dynamic and three dimensional version of Pilates. I invite you to experience the 15 to Fit Method™ for yourself.