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Have you thought that some Pilates exercises would be good for your clients but it seems too overwhelming to learn how to teach Pilates? Maybe you don’t want to invest endless hours of training for Pilates or thousands of dollars either. You can get started here with the 15 to Fit Method TM Foundational Mat Pilates for Mobility to help your clients strengthen their core while they increase their flexibility. This series is a practical and accessible way to an innovative, athletic form of Pilates. The instructional videos feature two male high school athletes performing the movements so you can see the execution at a high level. This is not just regular mat Pilates but the Foundational Mat series for 15 to Fit Method TM. There is more spinal extension and less hip flexion in this series, so you can help to release the hip flexors as you strengthen the abdominals. In this course you will learn: How to teach a 15 to 20-minute flow of Pilates inspired exercises safely and effectively in a concise manner. The course materials include: 15 minute flow routine of 17 exercises 8 videos that break down the individula exercises and variations in the series Descriptive manuals with clear, professional pictures One 60-minute evaluation and instructor feedback session. This session can be done in person at 15 to Fit in Mooresville, NC outside of Charlotte or as a Zoom session. (The participant will need to be in the same physical location as their test client.) Thirty minutes of this session is a 15 to Fit Master Instructor observing a test out session withthe participant teaching a live client, the remaining thirty minutes of this session is the evaluation and feedback.The 15 to Fit Method TM was developed by founder Patrea Aeschliman from over 35 years of experience practicing and teaching in Strength and Conditioning, Pilates, Garuda Method, Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Gymnastics conditioning and Qi Gong. The 15 to Fit Method TM differs from traditional Pilates in the following ways: Involves more spinal extension Helps to release hip flexors as you strengthen abdominals Involves more rotational movement of the spine Consists of more flowing movements Involves more spinal articulation throughout the Method