Learn how to safely, effectively and efficiently perform and teach Multiplanar Movements on the reformer.  These series help our clients replicate authentic human movement.  You may recognize some of these movements from martial arts, chi gong, dance and even swimming. You will learn the system we use at 15 to Fit Method- a few minutes to warm up, 15 minutes of Energy exercises, 15 minutes of Toning exercises and 15 minutes of Mobility for a complete 50-minute session. This system helps you to organize the material in a manageable way.
  • The Energy Segment is 15 minutes of whole body movement exercises that increase the heart rate and improve cardiorespiratory fitness.  Examples of reformer exercises include multiplanar lunges, unique plank variations on the carriage, “typewriter” push-ups and kneeling arm series.
  • The Toning Segment is 15 minutes of exercises to improve overall strength.   This segment of the course will focus on multiplanar movements primarily for the upper body.  It will include unique rowing movements, a “Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon” movement similar to Cat/Cow,  Pulling Movements,  and Pushing Movements that help clients to engage in their lats, rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles more readily without over utilizing their upper trapezius.
  • The Mobility Segment is 15 minutes of dynamic, multiplanar movements that safely increase mobility of the entire body.  The flowing nature of these movements also help to create a relaxing mood through the body and mind. Examples of Mobility work include Extended Mermaid Series,  Kneeling Slide Series and Single Leg Foot Loop Series.
The course materials include:
  • One workout series for each segment plus some additional exercises.
  • Break down videos for all of the exercises included in each workout segment and the extra exercise.
  • Descriptive manuals with clear professional pictures for each exercise.
  • Written exam about the exercises and workouts.
  • One 90- minute Evaluation and Feedback session with a 15 to Fit Method™ Master Instructor.  (In person or Zoom session)
These series are not typical classical or even contemporary Pilates exercises but an entirely innovative approach to training on Pilates equipment.  You will learn a system that incorporates flowing, body-wave type movements and more torso flexion, extension and rotation in varied planes of movement.  They are surprisingly easy to teach even to beginners and clients that have trouble with coordinated movement.