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Stephanie Risser Loveira 15 to Fit Method

Stephanie Risser Loveira

Stephanie began studying dance at an early age, starting with Ballet and moving on to Modern, Jazz, and Tap. After earning a BFA in Dance  Pedagogy at the University of Hartford/School of the Hartford Ballet, she taught in Pennsylvania and Connecticut while continuing to perform with different groups in both states. During college she suffered numerous injuries, at which time she turned to Pilates to help heal and prevent future injuries. After college Stephanie began to experiment with partner dancing and became a champion Hustle dancer as well as an All-Star West Coast Swing Dancer. Stephanie still travels the country, competing, judging and teaching.

Stephanie continued doing Pilates after college, and for over 20 years used her Pilates training to help with her dancing. She had the opportunity to experiment with other methods as well including Gyrotonics and the Franklin Method. After moving to Mooresville, NC she decided to train to teach Pilates as well. She came to 15 to Fit where she trained and has been teaching ever since. The way that 15 to Fit uses multiple disciplines to inform their workout system and the continuous growth and training is why she loves working there. She recently became the manager of 15 to Fit and looks
forward to helping grow the studio and their training program.

  • BFA in Dance Pedagogy from University of Hartford/School of the Hartford Ballet
  • 25 years of experience in the dance community, working in ballet, modern dance, and social dance communities.
  • Champion Hustle dancer and All-Star West Coast Swing Dancer, instructor, head judge, and competitor.
  • Certified in Garuda Foundational Mat – June 2020
  • Certified in Garuda Sling – January 2021
  • Certified in Garuda Seated & Standing work – May 2021
  • Manager of 15 to Fit Method TM